Imputed income taxpayers must notify the SII continuity in the system


TAX REFORM. The deadline for the procedure, which mainly targets small farmers and entrepreneurs of passenger transport, due on April 30.

The need to ask the Internal Revenue Service (SII) the option that qualify under the presumption of income before April 30 of this year, tax specialists warned puertomontinos Francisco Ojeda (Accountant) and Marcel Campora (lawyer).

Tax advisers and employment policy, explained to El Llanquihue amendments incorporated into the Tax Reform require taxpayers working under Alleged Rent, to process before the end of the 2016 Income Operation, incorporation into a record which confirms the continuity under this tax mode.

“There are important economic activities for our area as small farming, dairy production or transport of passengers, which has historically worked under this system. The problem is that taxpayers have not been duly informed of this new provision. We consulted at Service Excise and to date no employer in the Region of Los Lagos had performed the procedure to keep the so-called imputed income, consisting of joining the special register of taxpayers of this type, “said Ojeda.

The Campora lawyer said that “we expect the IRS provide for the creation of a specific form for this process, which so far does not exist, even though legislation and entered into force on 1 January this year.”

Advice call

Specialists recommended to taxpayers who currently operate under the system of imputed income, to come to their tax advisors in order to manage the realization of this process which debuts in the Chilean tax system.

“If not incorporated into this record will be assigned to the so-called actual income, which requires the taxpayer to make a full accounting books, take inventory, audited, carry balances and especially to pay any bonuses to its employees according to their income” Campora explained.

Rubén Sáez, president of the Association of Urban Transport Puerto Montt, said that “I am accountant by profession, and to analyze the new demands of the Tax Reform, requested a series of meetings in the Undersecretariat of Treasury to clarify some points that we They looked confused. “

The leader said that he is aware of the new rules and this information is shared with partners, but said “lack the Internal Revenue Service issued a circular to clarify the taxpayers of our industry, and others, which are the obligations that incorporates the Tax Reform. “

For Sáez, the lack of an information campaign on the subject “is a negligence of the government.”